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Here is something about vaccines

I just wanted to give another view about vaccines, so here it is:

Vaccine info on Wikipedia

EDIT: Here is another one:

Info from the National Network for Immunization Information


Thanks for that.
I could never understand why people would be against vaccinations... and then I realized, that's how the government gets the control chips into our brains.
Unfortunately, some of the anti-vax people actually believe that it is a government conspiracy for population control.

I only say some, because more people at least have the decency to not think everything is a conspiracy.
the anti-vax movement really scares me. as an adult i am probably no longer immune to a number of diseases (and this happens naturally too--adults who had chickenpox as a child DO lose immunity, but they get a natural booster from being exposed to people who have it, like their children) and the thought that if i caught chickenpox while pregnant it could harm my unborn child is scary. for all i know i could be volunteering at my son's school and be exposed to measles by one of his non-vax classmates.

the measles outbreak in AZ is an excellent example of why we should be worried about this. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/01/AR2008050102633.html
another good article:
This is very disturbing news, since these outbreaks are causing strains that can become "superbugs" as well.

I am a more than a little conserned that bringing my baby girl into the dr's office before she CAN be vaccinated against some of this stuff (Like the MMR vaccine, that she cannot be given until she at least turns 1) will cause her to get it. This can have very DANGEROUS concequences.

One of the links I posted states that since we have had the vaccination campaigns, most people don't think about what the disease can possibly do to someone, because they have never seen a case. Take Polio for example. Polio is CRIPPLING!

It's too scary!
exactly--and there are religious leaders in africa that are turning people there against modern medicine so polio has been on the rise. it could definitely find it's way back over here.

it bothers me too that audrey can't have certain shots until she's older. these outbreaks are becoming way too common for my comfort. pertussis is on the rise too (though that vaccine is given earlier) and if measles and pertussis are becoming more common, others are sure to follow.

on an interesting note, i declined the new and optional chickenpox vaccine for my son when he was little (9 years ago), figuring he'd get it the old fashioned way. i was so wrong--all the kids his age are vaccinated, i think his school sees 1-2 cases a year at the most. i'm going to have him get the vaccination if he doesn't come down with it in the next year or so, otherwise he'll be in for trouble if he catches it as a teen or adult.
And here I was thinking I was the only person vaccinating my child in LJ. ;] Thank you for posting this, you only see information about why you SHOULDN'T vacc and I think a lot of people get worried to bring up that they are doing the complete opposite.

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