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I am 17w4d and I havent felt even a lick of movement yet.  Is this odd?  I have been reading for the past 2-3 weeks that I should feel movement "anytime" and I havent at all.  First thing the nurse asked me on Wednesday was if I've felt anything and I said no, she was surprised and said "oh... well I'm sure you'll feel it soon."  I dont know... this is my first pregnancy and I am not overweight so there isnt a ton of room to move around in there and me miss it.  Perhaps I'm just paranoid.  Has everyone felt their baby move but me? 

Thanks so much for the help everyone.  I dont want to be one of those paranoid first time Moms but I guess I am just kinda anxious to feel it so I know its there... idk... I'm weird like that.  Anyway, thanks again for all the advice and help.  I really do love this community!


Just to let you know it's perfectly normal not to have felt anything yet, some people luck out and feel the baby earlier, some as late as 22 weeks can't feel anything. Have they said anything about the position of the placenta. Sometimes the placement if it's in the front can cushion the soft kicks of the baby. Either way it's ok, my sister was nearly 18 weeks before she felt anything she could definitely say was baby and she's tiny!
Having said this I felt movement since 14 weeks but I lay on the couch all the time and have nothing better to do than just feel everything. It really allows you to get intune with your body when you have nothing better to do.
Ha... yeah I suppose thats true. Sometimes at night I'll lay there and try to make myself feel something but I always just end up feeling my own heartbeat and I get all disappointed. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking for sure I felt something but I was so delusional @ 3am that I didnt realize what I felt was flutters in my heart, way up in the middle of my chest, not flutters in my lower belly... lol! ♥
Hehe! I know what you mean, but when you feel him/her you'll notice. I can sit here with my laptop and feel her rolling around in there. It's crazy!
i haven't! i am at 17w3d
I haven't felt anything yet either. I'm 16w4d. My doctor says I should be feeling "anytime" now too and I'm going crazy waiting...but I haven't been worrying too much because everyone seems to say that in your first pregnancy it's not uncommon to not feel anything until a little bit later.
I haven't felt anything yet either, and I'm 18 weeks. It worries me sometimes, but I've heard that it could take longer with the first pregnancy too, and there's been a heartbeat at every appointment I've been to, so that fact calms me down.
I didn't really feel anything until 17 weeks, and then I'd only feel it if I was paying attention. From everything I've read, it's totally normal to not feel anything until 20+ weeks.
everyone feels movement at different times. With my first i felt around 15/16weeks and this one about 17weeks... now i'll be 19weeks tomorrow and I feel the lil booger all day long and you can even feel him/her on the outside sometimes, but again everyone progresses different.
I'm 19 weeks currently, and this is my second baby- however, I didn't really start feeling movement until about 4-5 days ago. I think it's normal. With my first baby I felt movement at 16 weeks.
I think I felt it around 18 weeks with my first pregnancy, if I remember correctly. I have been feeling it earlier this time, but I think it's because I know more what to look for. I probably felt it earlier with my first as well, just didn't know that's what I was feeling.

Also, don't get in too big a hurry to feel it, LOL. Trust me, there will be nights you'll be wishing that you couldn't feel a thing so you could just SLEEP IN PEACE. It's amazing to feel, don't get me wrong, but nighttime was the most distracting (though special, when I was in a good mood, lol). I didn't mind so much during the day, but I'd be woken up at 3 AM by kicking from my 25th week on. I wasn't in such a hurry to feel it this time around. ;)
this is my second pregnancy - I am almost 16 weeks, and overweight. No movement yet. With my first, I didn't feel anything until nearly 22 weeks.
Huh, I'm surprised the nurse was surprised. I started feeling movement just before 17 weeks, and everyone was surprised I felt it so early!
I wouldn't worry as long as they're getting a heartbeat at your doctors appointments. That said however I am going insane with waiting myself. I am almost twenty weeks and can't feel a thing, or if I have I've written it off as something else like my imagination.
I'm 27 weeks pregnant, and I was just as anxious as you when it got to be the 17th and 18th week and still I had felt nothing. If you read some of the articles on websites you'll learn that most of the movements you feel at those weeks is just flutters and the real kicks don't really begin until between the 20th and 22nd weeks. That's what kept me from worrying too much I guess, and when those weeks came around I definitely started feeling little kicks. Now, I don't feel much movement during the day, but when I get ready to lie down for bed, the little booger wants to throw kicks and punches all night. So be grateful for not having much movement yet, because it will start soon enough, and as exciting as it may seem, you will eventually want to get some shuteye. :)
I remember feeling exactly the same as you. You are worried, which is perfectly normal. And it doesn't stop when the baby is born either.
You may be feeling your baby move but just not know thats what it is. It took me 4 weeks of panic to realise that the weird sensations i was getting all the time were infact my baby moving.
Do you ever get weird feelings like kinda the same u get if u are hungry? Feels a bit like "butterflies".
All babies are different, if your baby is not very active now it will probably make up for it later!
Hope this eases your mind a little. Add me if u ever want a friend to chat to about anything ok x x

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