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March Babies

women due in Mar '08

March 2008 Babies
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For Mum's and Dad's of babies born in March 2008
Welcome to March '08 Babies!

Baby's Name Baby's Picture Baby's
LJ User Mummy's
February 21st
Gabriel James 5lb 2oz 47cm malekin_child Ez Expecting 2nd
Due 16th May '09
Canberra, Australia
February 22nd
Kevin Robert 8lb 10oz 21" lydia9679 Sarah 1st Time Mummy Northern Kentucky
February 26th
Caitlin Morgan 9lb 4oz 22" magmorr Maggie 1st Time Mummy Virginia
February 28th
Brooklynn Grace 6lb 6oz 19" babygoose85 Terésa 1st Time Mummy Louisiana
February 29th
Abigail Quinn 6lb 13oz 19.5" erinrenee Erin Expecting 2nd baby
Due Aug 5th '09
Fort Monroe, VA
February 29th
Inara Catherine 6lb 11oz 19" call_me_ps Beth Eowyn Elizabeth
3 years old
March 8th
Kyra Lynn 8lb 5oz 21" sexiliciousash Ashley 1st Time Mummy St. Charles, MO
March 12th
Stephen Michael 8lb 13oz 21" sharya Shar Alexandra Marie
2 years old
SK, Canada
March 18th
Elias Ewan 7lb 2oz 20.5" flannel_flowers Shelly Jonah Julian
3 years old
Central California
March 19th
Asher Riley 6lb 9oz 47cm taraemily Tara 1st Time Mummy Adelaide, Australia
March 20th
Madelynn Jill 7lb 13oz 19.5" cuzzisaidso0 Amy 1st Time Mummy Denver, CO
March 22nd
Hayden Ellery Olivier 6lb 10oz 21" sailorneptune Max 1st Time Mummy Canada
March 23rd
Finn Allister 9lb 4oz 22" 3beans Mia Avery
3.5 years old
Northern California
March 30th
Jonas Hendrix 8lb 13oz 20" queenofkaraoke Leanne Julian Bowie
2 years old
Alberta, Canada
March 31st
Arianna Marie 6lb 13.9oz 21" azzychan Melissa 1st Time Mummy Maitland, FL
March 31st
Audrey Francis 7lb 10oz 19.5" meeshaphrenic Meesha Xavier Maxwell
9 years old
North Carolina

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This community is created for parents of babies born in March 2008 to build relationships with other people that have babies around the same age. We have a few weekly/monthly things to participate in.

Sunday: Photo post. I will post a theme for you to share photos of your little one around that theme.
Wednesday: Discussion post. I will post a discussion topic based on parenting for everyone to talk about.

We'd also love to see monthly updates about your little one.

This community is moderated to keep it private for the members and all posts are expected to be friends only. If you are denied membership, please e-mail me at taraandpaul@live.com.au to find out why.